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Table. 1.

Total polyphenol and flavonoid content of dried CJ pericarp fermented by Aspergillus oryzae at various time and temperature

Time (h)/
temperature (°C)
Sample Total polyphenol
(mg GAE/g dry extract)
Total flavonoid
(mg QE/g dry extract)
24/30 UF 145.1±8.56 21.56±8.73
AOF 120.7±8.95a 16.53±4.04
48/30 UF 127.5±3.89 18.78±8.18
AOF 98.6±6.62a 9.24±3.30
72/30 UF 131.4±1.56 24.33±6.42
AOF 106.9±1.17b 11.85±3.18
72/30 UF 118.3±5.95 17.92±6.99
AOF 115.5±2.61 17.40±4.43
72/35 UF 94.1±9.04 8.55±1.31
AOF 105.5±3.79 12.89±5.13

Value are presented as mean of three independent experiments± standard deviations.

Except for each condition, fermentation conditions are usually 30°C and 72 hr. Total polyphenol content and total flavonoid content were expressed as mg of GAE/g dry extract and mg of QE/g dry extract, respectively.

CJ, Camellia japonica L.; GAE, gallic acid equivalents; QE, quercetin equivalent; UF, unfermented extract; AOF, Aspergillus oryzae fermentation extract.

ap<0.05, bp<0.01.

Oral Biol Res 2022;46:111~118 https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.46.03.202209.111
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