Oral Biology Research
The aim of the Oral Biology Research (Oral Biol Res) is to publish the scientific papers in the comprehensive dentistry including all fields of basic and clinical dental sciences and contribute to the development of dental sciences. Oral Biol Res is covered fully through a range of original research articles, review articles, research notes, and case reports. All submitted papers are subject to the rigorous peer review process.
Oral Biol Res 2020; 44(4): 127~152
Original Articles
Age estimation by pulp/tooth area ratio in a Korean sample on digital panoramic radiographs
Byung-Yoon Roh , Chang-Gyum Kim , Sang-Seob Lee et al.
Oral Biol Res 2020; 44(4): 127-132  https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.44.04.202012.127 PDF
The incidence of oral and maxillofacial lesions in children over a 10-year period (2010-2020) in East Azerbaijan
Amirala Aghbali , Negin Arianpour , Sepideh Vosough Hosseini et al.
Oral Biol Res 2020; 44(4): 133-139  https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.44.04.202012.133 PDF