Oral Biol Res 2019; 43(3): 236-242  https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.43.03.201909.236
Treatment of horizontal root-fractured maxillary incisors
Sung-Hyeon Choi , Ji-Hye Yoon , Bin-Na Lee , Hoon-Sang Chang , In-Nam Hwang , Won-Mann Oh , Yun-Chan Hwang*
Department of Conservative Dentistry, Dental Science Research Institute, School of Dentistry, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Korea
Correspondence to: Yun-Chan Hwang, Department of Conservative Dentistry, School of Dentistry, Chonnam National University, 77 Youngbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju 61186, Korea.
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These authors contributed equally to this work.
Received: July 8, 2019; Revised: September 5, 2019; Accepted: September 5, 2019; Published online: September 30, 2019.
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Root fractures are defined as fractures that involve the dentin, cementum, and pulp, resulting in stretching or laceration of the pulp and/or periodontal ligament injury (rupture or compression). Two cases of horizontal root-fractured maxillary incisors are introduced in the present report. The first case is a middle third root-fractured maxillary incisor with root canal therapy in the coronal fragment, and the second case is a cervical third root-fractured maxillary incisor without root canal therapy. Both cases showed favorable results with a long-term follow-up period. In all traumatic injuries, early diagnosis and appropriate intervention dramatically enhance the outcome. The primary purpose of the treatment of root-fractured teeth is to maintain the vitality of the teeth. After an adequate observation period, if vitality control reveals non-vital pulp tissue, or if the patient complains of pain or discomfort in the tooth, endodontic therapy can be performed, usually to the coronal segment only.
Keywords: Emergency, Injury, Root canal therapy, Tooth fracture, Trauma

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