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Fig. 4. Histological observation in 12 weeks experimental groups using MT+H&E staining, cross section, (B, D, F, H): enlarged view of the circle in (A, C, E, G) (×40: A, C, E, G; ×100: B, D, F, H). (A) Group I, note the cemental lacunae, (B) Group I, arrows: cementum resorption. (C) Group II, note the cemental lacunae. (D) Group II, arrows: cementum resorption. (E) Group III, cementum and PDLs showed normal pattern, arrows, cementum resorption. (F) Group III, thick cellular cemuntum and blood vessels in the regenerated periodontal ligaments are observed, arrows: cemuntum resorption. (G) Group IV, arrows: cementum and PDLs showed normal pattern, arrows: cementum resorption. (H) Group IV, newly formed PDLs and blood vessels. PDLs, periodontal ligaments; A, alveolar bone; C, cementum; D, dentin.
Oral Biol Res 2022;46:51~60 https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.46.02.202206.51
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