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Table. 1.

Demographic characteristic of the study subjects

Variable Group I Normal
Group II
Moderate periodontitis (n=16)
Group III
Severe periodontitis (n=16)
Sex, M/F 10/6 8/8 7/9
Age (y) 51.44±11.36a 54.92±7.21b 53.34±8.79c
Probing PD PD≤3 mm 3 mm<PD≤6 mm PD>6 mm

Values are presented as number only or mean±standard deviation.

M, male; F, female; PD, pocket depth.

aFrom 22 to 69 years. bFrom 38 to 64 years. cFrom 35 to 66 years.

Oral Biol Res 2021;45:99~106 https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.45.03.202109.99
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