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Table. 1.

Classification criteria for extraction of permanent teeth

Reasons Diagnosis
Perio Chronic periodontitis, Chronic simple periodontitis, Chorinc complex periodontitis, Unspecified chronic periodontitis, Acute periodontitis, Tooth loss due to accidental extraction or localized periodontal disease
Caries Dentin caries, Tooth caries, Cementitious caries, Unspecified dental caries, Caries with pulp exposure
Impacted Impaction of maxillary 3rd molar, Impaction of mandibular 3rd molar. Supernumerary teeth
Prosth Root rest, Fracture and loss of dental prosthesis
Ortho Malposition of toot, Crowding of tooth
Fracture Crown fracture with pulp exposure, Crown-root fracture
Trauma Toot intrusion and toot extrusion, tooth subluxation, luxation of tooth
Others Apical abscess, Radicular cyst
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