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Fig. 1. Percentage of permanent tooth extraction by caries and periodontal disease according to tooth type. UM3, upper third molar; UM2, upper second molar; UM1, upper first molar; UPM2, upper second premolar; UPM1, upper first premolar; UC, upper canine; ULI, upper lateral incisor; UCI, upper central incisor; LCI, lower central incisor; LLI, lower lateral incisor; LC, lower canine; LPM1, lower first premolar; LPM2, lower second premolar; LM1, lower first molar; LM2, lower second molar; LM3, lower third molar.
Oral Biol Res 2021;45:1~6 https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.45.01.202103.1
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