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Fig. 5. Immunohistochemical analyses for drug-induced pemphigus-like gingival lesion. (A1-F1) Low magnification. (A2-F2) High magnification. (A-C) rare expression of β-catenin (arrows) in the erosive epithelium (A), weak expression in the detached epithelium (B), and strong expression in the normal epithelium (C). The gradual loss of β-catenin staining ability was closely associated with epithelial acantholysis. (D) Strongly localized cathepsin G in macrophages infiltrated in the ulcerated epithelium. (E) Strong expression of GADD45, a biomarker for growth arrest, in the spinous layer of the epithelium (arrows). (F) diffuse expression of LC3, a biomarker for autophagy, in the suprabasal and lower spinous layer of the detached epithelium (arrows).
Oral Biol Res 2020;44:140~147 https://doi.org/10.21851/obr.44.04.202012.140
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