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Table. 2.

Distribution of health-related EQ-5D levels according to oral health status and dental care utilization (N=2,671)

VariableQuality of life (EQ-5D)p-vaule

The elderly (%)Mean±SD
Oral health status
 Perceived oral health<0.001
 Good281 (10.5)0.83±0.14a
 Fair555 (20.8)0.82±0.13b
 Poor1,835 (68.7)0.76±0.17b
Chewing problem<0.001
 Yes1,605 (60.1)0.75±0.17b
 Fair307 (11.5)0.81±0.13b
 No759 (28.4)0.83±0.13a
Speaking problem<0.001
 Yes696 (26.1)0.72±0.20b
 Fair416 (15.6)0.77±0.15b
 No1,559 (58.4)0.81±0.13a
Dental care utilization
 Oral health examination0.064
 Yes322 (12.1)0.81±0.15
 No2,349 (87.9)0.77±0.16
Scaling experience0.076
 Yes235 (8.8)0.82±0.14
 No1,264 (56.1)0.78±0.16
Unmet dental needs<0.001
 Yes655 (24.5)0.73±0.18
 No2,016 (75.5)0.79±0.15

SD, standard deviation; EQ-5D, European Quality of Life-5 dimension. a>b.

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