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Table. 1.

Distribution of health-related EQ-5D levels according to general characteristics (N=2,671)

 CharacteristicQuality of life (EQ-5D)p-value

The elderly (%)Mean±SD
 Male324 (12.1)0.82±0.16
 Female2,347 (87.9)0.77±0.16
Age (y)<0.001
 65–69361 (13.5)0.86±0.11a
 70-791,329 (49.8)0.79±0.15a
 ≥80981 (36.7)0.74±0.17b
Education level<0.001
 No education1,384 (51.8)0.76±0.17b
 Elementary school1,058 (39.6)0.80±0.14b
 Middle school127 (4.8)0.83±0.14b
 ≥High school102 (3.8)0.84±0.18a
Household income (won)<0.001
 <500,0001,750 (65.5)0.76±0.17b
 500,000-1,000,000763 (28.6)0.81±0.14b
 1,000,000–2,000,000131 (4.9)0.85±0.11a
 ≥2,000,00027 (1.0)0.83±0.12b
Economy activity<0.001
 Yes951 (35.6)0.83±0.12
 No1,720 (64.4)0.78±0.16
Current smoking0.062
 Yes100 (3.7)0.81±0.17
 No2,571 (96.3)0.78±0.17
Alcohol drinking<0.001
 Yes794 (29.7)0.82±0.13
 No1,877 (70.3)0.76±0.17

SD, standard deivation; EQ-5D, European Quality of Life-5 dimension. a>b.

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